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Writing Blog Content Via SMS

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Often the blog owners have a desire to be able to write a blog, although not being in front of the computer. The trick is to use SMS in submitting articles to the blog. Your visit to realize that desire.

Choose a menu sign up and fill the form with information on names, usernames, passwords, and e mail. Do not forget to press the check box “I agree to above terms and conditions” to approve the agreement the use of facilities provided.

Writing Blog Content Via SMS

Writing Blog Content Via SMS

Further field image box with the letters contained in the image. If the registration process is successful, information will emerge successfully as shown below, information verification will be sent to the mail that you used in registration. Next open the e mail address and check the links associated with your account verification sms blog. Click link to activate your account.

Information has been activated account will appear after the link in the e mail on selected. Then do the login using the username and password you have registered. Then choose the image SMSBLOG to start making SMSBLOG account.

At the addition of application smsblog, isislah information related to the website to display the sms. Such information include a blog address, keyword for sending sms keyword, title of the display text in the website, hp number you are using, and the time. After all filled press the add button to save.

The phone number that you enter will be a filter for the server to restrict the right to fill in information delivery. Based on official confirmation from via e mail to the author, is currently only an sms from indosat supported by them.

If successful, smsblog account will appear in the current aplications. Press the link to get the HTML code, which will be used to display messages sent via SMS. Paste this code into your blog template as an element of HTML / javascript.

The results will appear on the display side of the blog. smsblog information box will initially contain the information “no entries” if there is no incoming sms.

To fill the information in the text box, you can send messages to +44 7624 80 81 82 with news content “tipsblog, <space> <information>”

Next message will be raised into the box sms when received by the server.

In addition to service blogsms, available other facilities associated with sms, among others textme smspool, and smscomments, textme can use an intermediary to receive sms from visitors so that original phone numbers belong to you remains unknown.

While smspool can be used to poll via sms while smscomments can be used to receive comments from visitors via sms.

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