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Using The File Icons

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To create a file icon, you can use software such as IrfanView (, icon developer (, icon edit pro (http: / / www / download.htm), and greenfish icon edit pro (, and a lot of agi or through the auxiliary generator web based icons that are available at, ,, and others. Some of the sites below also provide a collection that can be downloaded.

Using the File Icons

Using the File Icons

  • http: / /
  • http: / / / favicon-gallery-index

but if you want to directly use, you can look at

look for the icon image that is desired through the categories provided on the left side. For example, the image icon below icns file obtained from categories of people and girls in the group avatar.

You can download images based on png 128×128, 48×48, and 32×32 to be converted into ICO files using irvaview software or tools that are available at the address subsequently stored in Web server that you have.

But if you want langusng use ICO files that are in, point the mouse cursor to the “Download as.ico files ‘and use the right click to bring up a pop-up menu.copy link existing use’ copy link location “in firefox web browser or the menu” copy shortcut “to explore the internet web browser (IE)

Step on the ata will result in the recording file icon in the address / icon/favicon/avartar-girls/girl-8.ico. The address will be used in the html code used to display the logo yan website or blog. displays icons on the blog template

To display the file icon on the web, you only need to insert the following code after the tag <head>, where files _ikon.ico replaced with the files you choose.

To enter the code in blogpot, you can select the layout> edit html.

Furthermore, additional examples of HTML code, the following entry into the city “edit template”, put ode in this awah after tag <head>. The location and file names with customized icons of your choice. Then save the addition of the above code by pressing the save button templates

The result you can see through a web browser internet explore and firefox, which has been selected icons will appear next to your web and tabulai on the web browser firefox and internet explore.  This icon will also be saved when the visitors put the site address into your bookmarks or favorte menu that is in the web browser.

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