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( grandeur, mystery and justice )

Purple is the color of “great” that symbolizes justice. This is a good color for those of you who are seeking spiritual fulfillment. supposedly, if you surround yourself with purple, your mind will calm down. thus the color purple is a good time to meditate :)
purplepurple often used to symbolize something magical and mysterious. because it is a combination of red and blue, the color of the warmest and most cool, purple is considered the ideal color.
use the purple color if you want to develop your imagination, balance your life back, remove barriers, to feel calm or out of depression.
color purple is associated with mysticism and self-purification. used to meditate and sharpen the mind, and to develop imagination and inspiration.

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princess b. roque

January 24th, 2010 at 8:44 PM

that’s cool explanation regarding that color. All my stuff is purple but i don’t like that color.

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