My name is Gregorius Luluk Hartoko
friends often call me “Luluk”, but sometimes they call me “Uncle”

I was born in 1978 in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
I was a strange and please do not ever listen to me, because I do not know what I’m talking :)

“Good on follow, which is not good at throw away” but maybe you’ll find lots of my ignorance (because I kept trying to smart), that might benefit you, and would benefit me too :)

I work in the field of architecture, particularly in the field of Interior & Exterior design. I am happy to work alone, because I am a hard head and did not want to set. many of my leadership I’ve fired :) means, I do not linger at home working in one company, usually only last about one to two months, after that I usually get out.
then I built a company engaged in the design, although I may not have the talent in that area (I guess), but I’m quite happy to draw the design, I then gathered my friends and be a company :)

This company formerly named mindland, then it turned into Nataleni, frankly the current company name I took from my wife’s name .. he was the only person who can manage my life better, and by using his name, I and my friends wish I could manage it with good company too ..

thank you …

My email: ghartoko@yahoo.com

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