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Creating a Form Design

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Once your account is created successfully obtain ID to use the web form designer, the next step is designing the form to contact through e-mail. But to make the display form, it takes the program from a web site designer form that must be downloaded in advance through the menu “download” press the button click to download webformdesigner to obtain the program files.

Creating a Form Design

Creating a Form Design

After pressing the button above, you will be prompted to save the file into the hard drive. Once the download is complete, open the zip file degan winzip or similar program.

Next, run the installation file wfdintall.exe that appear in the winzip window. Perform the installation process to complete. After the installation is otherwise complete, press the exit button to close the installation process. Then run the shortcut webformdesigner that appears on the desktop.

Arrange display form by attaching a label name, e mail and messages, and the fields name, email and message. You do not need to make the submit button and reset because it has been available since the beginning (default).

You only need to press the appropriate button at the top by using mouse clicks on the form design area.

Furthermore, to obtain code HTML / Javascript compiler form fields, press the create code on the right or view the program.

On the windows form coding fill in the name of the form fields “name for this form ‘. Next on the “form validation” choose the option “embed routines with this form” for each form field can be checked for valid or not. While in the “processor in the form ‘”, fill out a user ID that you get from webformdesigner via the option “I am using webformdesigner’s form-to-email service”.

The selection process is intended to be handled by the site webformdesigner based on settings you have set in each user id. after all loaded, press the continue button.

Later in the choice of “positioning on the web page”, you can choose the “relative positioning” if the position requires flexible form located under the content that appears earlier. Or choose the “absolute positioning if you want the same position with the form at the time of design.

While on the option “ask confirmation form?”, You can enable the city to add a check that there is a confirmation message box when the submit button is pressed. When finished, press the countinue to continue.

In the next, you are prompted to select sorting options that will be sent to the e mail later. If no sorting. You can select the option “Sort no required”. As for the sequencing of small (AZ), then the option “sort alphabetically” can be selected. To sort the inverted (ZA) you can choose “sort alpha reserve”, while to sort costum older, you can choose your own order information will be sent to the email. After that, press the countinue to continue.

You will see the HTML / javascript that will be used to formulate a form looks like an e mail. Make a block and copy using right click the mouse cursor or use the copy to the clipboard.

Paste the code html / javascript into your blog template as one element or into the blog articles, so it would appear that the view generated from the code. Try to do the filling into each input box and press the submit button.

After filling the form of a blog page, an email will be sent by weformdesigner into the e-mail address. With the receipt of emails from the web formdesigner, then contact by e-mail facilities have been functioning properly in the blog.

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