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Tuesday October 13, 2009 10:15

Color and Life

Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

We have red and pink colors seen everywhere. Atrium decorate shops, adorned shop windows, appearing in various forms trinkets and beautiful accessories. Why Red? Why Pink? because red symbolizes the warmth, and Pink represent Love. Color can affect our...

Monday October 12, 2009 22:19


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( The warmth, Confidence, Courage, Vitality ) Red is the color of the Most Warm, and their favorite colors are Introverts. Red symbolizes the prosperity and happiness, even if sometimes interpret the same with anger ..  but make no mistake ..  a red...

Sunday October 11, 2009 22:07


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( love and beauty ) pink is the color of love. Pink spread feelings of love, gentleness, self-esteem, and acceptance. Go round the color pink and likes the quiet beauty lovers. Pink is basically the message "I will never forget you".  :) As a...

Saturday October 10, 2009 22:02


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( Wisdom, happiness, intellectual energy ) Bright yellow color is the color most easily seen. They are usually color blind can recognize the color yellow. This color is full of creative and intellectual energy. Yellow also symbolizes wisdom, and liked by...

Friday October 9, 2009 21:58


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( Earth, regularity and stability ) Hazel mingled with the surrounding environment. as a mixture of red, blue, and yellow color has many shades. effects vary as well. brown color that can be stabilized, provide security and camouflage. red-brown element...

Thursday October 8, 2009 21:52


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( Vitality and Fortitude) Orange is associated with the warmth of the sun. orange is characteristic curiosity of those things are all new. Use orange if you want to liven the mood, engage in an activity, increase creativity and free yourself from the...

Wednesday October 7, 2009 21:49


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( Young age, spirituality, truth and peace ) blue is the color of the most cool. The Egyptians used lapis lazuli gems to describe heaven. Illustrates the clear blue of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality, is also often chosen as the favorite color of...

Tuesday October 6, 2009 21:44


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( life, nature, fertility and prosperity ) Green is the color of nature. nothing is more comfortable for the eyes but the view of green pastures. Green symbolizes self-image and well-being, is also regarded as the color balance. Green preferred by people...

Monday October 5, 2009 21:38


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( grandeur, mystery and justice ) Purple is the color of "great" that symbolizes justice. This is a good color for those of you who are seeking spiritual fulfillment. supposedly, if you surround yourself with purple, your mind will calm down. thus the...

Sunday October 4, 2009 21:28


Posted by Ghartoko as Colour Meanings

( holiness, purity of heart and honesty ) white is the color that describes the honesty and candid, white color also symbolizes purity and purity of heart. White is the color of the highest and therefore the white color is always associated with...

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